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The Boyer College participates in Temple's history of serving its neighbors with non-degree programs, classes, events and performances that are accessible and affordable.


Temple Music Preparatory Division offers classes for children and adults in music and dance.

Learn about Temple Music Prep and its Center for Gifted Young Musicians featured on the podcast, "A Musical Life with Hugh Sung".

Center for Gifted Young Musicians and beloved instructor celebrate 30 years together.

A student in Temple Music Prep’s String Project featured in "Community kids learn music at Boyer."

Students from Music Prep's Philadelphia String Project perform at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg.

COMMUNITY ENSEMBLES are open to students, faculty, staff and members of the community

Temple University Singing Owls - choral ensemble

Temple University Night Owls - band ensemble.

Temple University Swinging Owls - jazz ensemble

Owlchestra - string ensemble

Building Better Communities and Arts & Quality of Life Reserach Center

Boyer: Building Better Communities is the umbrella program for all outreach initiatives within the college, created by Dean Robert T. Stroker in 2009.

The Arts & Quality of Life Research Center offers programs that enhance the lives of disadvantaged individuals in the community.