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Non-Major Opportunities

The Boyer College of Music and Dance offers courses for non-majors (including class credit for taking part in ensembles). To register for classes that require special authorization, please contact the Boyer Advising office at 215-204-2229 or Margo Jackson at

Undergraduate bulletin
The Department of Music Studies at Temple University offers a music minor program, allowing any Temple undergraduate to pursue their interests in performance, ensembles, music history, jazz, or music theory. After taking 2 prerequisites (or testing out of these prerequisites), students work with an advisor from the Boyer College to devise a course of study. Students must take a total of 20 credit hours in music to fulfill the requirements for the music minor. Students interested in the music minor program should contact Professor Cynthia Folio:

Program Requirements

Course Name

Course Number

Credit Hours

Required Courses (5 total credits)


     Music Theory for Non Majors 1

MUST 1701


     Music Theory for Non Majors 2

MUST 1705



NOTE: Students MUST complete the required courses before taking electives in music. Students may test out of these courses if they have the requisite background.

Electives (15 total credits)

   A combination of courses in music theory, music history, jazz, and/or performance/ensembles. Course of study to be determined with a faculty advisor in the Music Studies Department. Possible courses include but are not limited to:

     Theory 1 (4 s.h.)

MUST 1711


     Theory 2 (4 s.h.)

MUST 1712


     Music in History 1 or 2 (3 s.h.)

MUST 2703/2704


     History of Jazz (3 s.h.)

MUST 2114


     History of Pop (3 s.h.)

MUST 2113


     American Popular Music (2 s.h.)

MUST 1763


     Music in American Society

MUST 1704


     Latin American Ensemble

MUST 4700


     Early Music Ensemble

MUST 4710


     Choral Ensemble

MUSC 3300


Undergraduate bulletin

Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for details regarding Arts-related General Education Courses or view the full list here. 

Some General Education Courses offered by the Dance Department fill World/Society or Diversity/Race General Education requirements rather than the Arts requirement.  A full list of Dance General Education courses is available here.


Dance elective courses open to non-majors after the first two weeks of priority registration:

Dance 1807: Hatha Yoga
Dance 2822: Pilates: Body Conditioning
Dance 1804: Jazz Dance
DaNce 1805: Tap
Dance 20472: Hip hop
Dance 2853: African Dance I
Dance 0828: Embodying Pluralism
Dance 0831: Shall We Dance? Dance as Narrative in American Film

Music Ensembles
Boyer Music Ensembles are open to all Temple students, although all students must pass a departmental audition. These auditions occur at the beginning of each semester. Please contact the appropriate department in order to schedule an audition and for information regarding repertoire requirements: Choral Ensembles or Instrumental Ensembles.

Non-Major Dance Department Performance Opportunities
Non-majors are welcome to audition for most student dance concerts. Please contact the Dance Department for audition dates and other details.