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Student Opportunities

Adam Vidiksis conducting the Temple Composers Orchestra
In addition to our weekly Colloquium Series, the Department of Music Studies offers a wide range of ensembles and organizations for students to grow professionally and as musicians.  Those enrolled in our program are encouraged to take on an entrepreneurial spirit in the presentation of their papers and performances of their compositions. Each semester features a broad range of student, faculty and guest performances.

Student Run Organizations

ConTemplum is an organization for composers. Their mission is to create a community of musicians dedicated to enhancing their musical experiences through the discussion of contemporary musical ideas and the promotion of new works by Temple composers. They host new music forums, seminars, concerts and readings and also attend local new music events and facilitate open discussion.

The Temple University Theory and Musicology Society (THEMUS) is a student-run organization intended to provide music students with an open forum for the exposure and development of scholarly work within the disciplines of music theory and musicology. Each spring, THEMUS organizes a regional graduate student conference for theory and musicology.

Performance Series

Temple Composers Orchestra is a chamber orchestra that serves the purpose of providing students with the opportunity to compose large scale works.  Performances are given each spring.

SoundPrints is an ongoing series of chamber works by student composers.  The concerts are organized through conTemplum and give students the opportunity to hear their music live as well and gain important skills of recruiting and working with performers.

CyberSounds is an electroacoustic music and video series curated by Maurice Wright. The series features works by contemporary composers, students and faculty.

Student Ensembles

BEEP Ensemble
Boyer Electroacoustic Ensemble Project (BEEP) is a course and ensemble taught by Adam Vidiksis.  During the course, students develop skills creating electroacoustic compositions and perform the creations to the community.

Early Music Ensemble is a student ensemble that performs a variety of early music compositions.  Scholars of early music have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience performing on period instruments.

New Music Ensemble & Contemporary Music Ensemble each provide students with the opportunity to perform and hear works by contemporary composers.

Global Music Ensembles: Each semester, students have a rotating selection of ensembles that allow them to experience music from other cultures.