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Dance Studies Colloquium Series

Dance Studies Colloquium is a dynamic interactive speaker series designed to facilitate a dialogue about emerging topics and issues related to dance. It brings together artists and scholars to explore how we assimilate ideas and events and our resulting actions within the field of dance. Free and open to the public. All presentations are on Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00pm in CHAT Lounge, 10th floor Gladfelter Hall. Sessions are also live-streamed.

September 10
Onyekwere Ozuzu, University of Florida

September 24
Shana Goldin-Perschbacher, Temple University

October 8
Lela Aisha Jones, Flyground and Bryn Mawr College

November 12
Jessica Zeller, Texas Christian University

January 21 Mark Franko
Temple University

February 4
Ananya Chatterjea, University of Minnesota

March 17
Katrina McPherson, Bath Spa and Glasgow Universities, U.K.

March 31
Elizabeth Claire, Centre National de la Recherche, EHESS – Paris

Tuesday, September 4

Anusha Kedhar, UC Riverside
Breaking Point?: Flexibility, Pain, and the Calculus of Risk in Neoliberal Multiculturism

Tuesday, October 2
Lester Tomé, Smith College and Five College Dance Departments
Interracial Choreo-erotics of the Cuban Revolution: Ballet, Social Taboo and the Postracial Hyperreality

Tuesday, October 16
Anthea Kraut, UC Riverside
Dance-Ins and the Production of Racialized Femininity in the Hollywood Musical

Tuesday, October 30
Rachel Fensham, University of Melbourne
Frocked by Katherine Dunham’s L’Ag’Ya

Tuesday, November 13
Juliet McMains, University of Washington
Queer Tangueras and Rebellious Wallflowers

Tuesday, November 27
Ariel Osterweis, California Institute of the Arts
Prophylactic Aesthetics

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Emily Wilcox, University of Michigan
Historicizing Chinese Dance: Socialist Legacies and Contemporary Trajectories

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Sarah Whatley, Coventry University
Dance Archives and Digital Transformations – what is at stake?

Tuesday, February 19
Thomas DeFrantz, Duke University

Tuesday, March 26
Michael Sakamoto, University of Iowa
Butoh Performance and Embodying the Cultural Commons

Tuesday, April 9
Jasmine Johnson, Brown University
Rhythm Nation: West African Dance and the Politics of Diaspora


Presenters from Previous Series:
SanSan Kwan, UCB
Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan
Olga de Soto, independent artist/Belgium/Spain
Timmy de Laet, Visiting Scholar Temple University
Olivia Sabee, Swarthmore College
Fiona Macintosh, Oxford University
Juan Ignacio Vallejos, CONICET, Argentina\
Sheron Wray, University of CA, Irvine
Richard Move, Queens College/CUNY
Hubert Hazebroucq (independent artist/France)
Joanna Dee Das (Washington University)
Clare Croft, University of Michigan
Jeff Friedman, Rutgers University
Harmony Bench, Ohio State University
Jane Desmond, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Danielle Robinson, York University
Pallabi Chakravorty, Swarthmore College
Danielle Goldman, The New School
Lucia Ruprecht, University of Cambridge
Cindy Garcia, University of Minnesota
Michelle Ellsworth, University of Colorado
Nadine George, University of California San Diego
Rachmi Diyah Larasati, University of Minnesota
Gustavus Stadler, Haverford College
Barbara Browning, New York University
Rebecca Schneider, Brown University
Michelle Clayton, Brown University
Abigail Levine, Independent choreographer and dancer
Claudia Jeschke, Independent scholar, re-constructor and choreographer
Sanja Andus-L'Hotellier, University of Paris
Ramon Rivera-Servera, Northwestern University
Mary Marshall Clark, Columbia University
Christine Dakin, Independent Artist, NYC
Thomas F. Defrantz, Duke University
Mark Franko, Temple University
Cindy Carcia, University of Minesota
Jens Giersdorf, Marymount Manhattan College
Judith Hamera, Princeton University
Susan Jones, University of Oxford (UK)
Marion Kant, University of Cambridge (UK)
Julie Malnig, New York University
Debra McCall, Bauhaus Dances, Ross Institute, Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies
Felicia McCarren, Tulane University
Avanthi Meduri, Roehampton University (UK)
Vida Midgelow, Middlesex University (UK)
Alessandra Nicifero, Dance Writer & Translator, NYC
Anna Pakes, University of Roehampton (UK)
Clare Parfitt-Brown, University of Chichester (UK)
Wendy Perron, Former Editor-In-Chief of Dance Magazine
Katherine Profeta, Queens College, CUNY
Rebecca Rossen, University of Texas, Austin

Series Posters
2018-19 Dance Studies Colloquium (pdf)
2017-2018 Dance Studies Colloquium (pdf)
2016-2017 Dance Studies Colloquium (pdf)
2015-2016 Dance Studies Colloquium (pdf)
2014-2015 Dance Studies Colloquium (pdf)
2013-2014 Dance Studied Colloquim (pdf)