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The College of Science and Technology is not only committed to pursuing advanced research, but also to ensuring that scientific discoveries and new technology enter the marketplace to improve people’s lives.

The Biology Department works within a number of research centers and organizations to facilitate these goals.

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The College of Science and Technology supports its students’ course and lab work with the $137 million, 247,000 square-foot, seven-floor Science Education and Research Center (SERC) located on the Main Campus in Philadelphia. Completed in 2014, the building contains 52 research labs, 16 teaching labs, seven research centers and institutes, and a 398-seat lecture hall. Its instrumentation includes a vibration-free scanning-tunneling microscope.

In addition to SERC, biology student and faculty research is also supported by several dedicated facilities including the

  • Biology Imaging Facility, which has a lab and instrumentation offering brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, and differential interference microscopy, as well as microscopes offering unique spectral detection and resolution of up to 10 nm.
  • Materials Research Facility, which includes three X-ray diffractometers, a transmission electron microscope and an accurate-mass quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer.
  • Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis and Analysis Facility, which provides peptide synthesis, purification, identification and characterization of proteins from recombinant or biofluidic sources.
  • Zebrafish Facility, a newly renovated space of 1,200 square feet containing eight zebrafish housing units.

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Carnegie Classification

In 2016, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education listed Temple University as an R1 institution for “highest research activity,” placing it among the top 4 percent of all four-year U.S. institutions.

Research Funding

In 2016, the National Science Foundation placed Temple among the top 100 in terms of research expenditures, which amounted to $242 million. For the College of Science and Technology, sponsored research funding has more than doubled since 2007. Learn more about the university’s expanded research support efforts.

School Partnerships

The College of Science and Technology and its various research centers and institutes have formed research or research funding partnerships with:

  • Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners
  • Caring People Alliance (CPA) - High School Program
  • City of Philadelphia
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • National Institute of Justice
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Science Foundation
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • US Air Force
  • US Department of Defense
  • US Department of Energy

In addition, faculty have conducted research at outside laboratories, including:

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  • Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

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