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Fox School of Business and Management

Build the skills to analyze, plan and make decisions with both numerical and qualitative information. Using data analytics and cutting-edge technologies, learn to evaluate financial data and provide organizations with solutions to operate efficiently, effectively and ethically.


  • Data Analytics

Actuarial Science

Fox School of Business and Management

Specialize in the evaluation of insurance and financial risks, and get ready to join the banking, insurance or pension industry. Students pursue a program in mathematics and risk analysis—the core of actuarial science. 

Business Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Aspire to a well-rounded education in business. Gain skills in communication, conflict management, leadership and negotiation. Join any of the professional organizations available in the Fox School of Business. 


Fox School of Business and Management

Study the science of production and consumption, gaining fluency in business theories and the economic principle from which they spring. This program prepares students for leadership roles in business and consulting with a degree that appeals to top corporations and policy shops around the world. 

Available as a minor

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Gain an understanding of how new ventures are created and nurtured through the management of entrepreneurial businesses. This program combines skills and experience from several business disciplines for students to learn how to realize their own business plans or help other entrepreneurs on the road to establishment. 


Fox School of Business and Management

Learn to apply financial principles and methodologies to real-world situations, and develop a network that comprises industry leaders, world-class researchers and successful alumni. Students will learn the language of investment while exploring the interconnected world of financial systems. 

Financial Planning

Fox School of Business and Management

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a financial professional who helps individuals grow, manage and protect their assets. Prepare to analyze and anticipate clients’ needs with a fundamental understanding of strategies for retirement planning, income tax and estate planning, insurance, investment allocation, and employee benefits planning. 

Human Resource Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Understand the social and professional dynamics of human behavior in the workplace. Learn the details of compensation, hiring, recruitment, training and other essential functions necessary for mastering the “people side” of any organization. 

International Business

Fox School of Business and Management

Develop the skills and gain the experience that will prepare you for a career in today’s global economy. Learn about the dynamics of globalization and interconnected marketplaces. 


  • International Economics
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Sales and Business Development
  • International Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics

Legal Studies

Fox School of Business and Management

Combine the study of business and law through a program that prepares students for success in professional studies or work directly after graduation. This program is ideal for future law school or MBA program applicants—it includes practical elements from the legal process and the business world. 

Management Information Systems

Fox School of Business and Management

Learn how to apply, design and initiate technology, in order to transform business functions and produce innovative products and services. Absorb skills and knowledge about the business applications of mobile computing, virtual private networking and other technological aids for business. 


Fox School of Business and Management

Understand how companies and services make decisions and identify their clients’ needs through psychology and economics. This program combines the qualitative skills of design and sales with the hard science of profit and risk, preparing students for careers in advertising, marketing, product design and more.

Real Estate

Fox School of Business and Management

Develop the ability to analyze real estate investment opportunities and implement the risk-management strategies to capitalize on them. This program focuses on an understanding of real estate markets and the specifics of legal real estate transactions for future market analysts, brokers and specialists. 

Risk Management and Insurance

Fox School of Business and Management

Acquire the technical expertise and strategic vision necessary to manage the risks facing modern businesses. Learn the qualitative and quantitative skills required to understand the many dimensions of risk and help stakeholders respond with successful strategies. 

Supply Chain Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Study how to streamline a business’ supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Learn to forecast the availability of goods, materials and services while advising executives or preparing their projects. 

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