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Fox School of Business and Management

Pursue a career in accounting with a program covering all aspects of loss, profit and tax for individuals and businesses. Students may join organizations and consult recruiters while taking the required courses for a BBA and preparing to pass the Certified Public Accountant exam. 

Actuarial Science

Fox School of Business and Management

Specialize in the evaluation of insurance and financial risks, and get ready to join the banking, insurance or pension industry. Students pursue a program in mathematics and risk analysis—the core of actuarial science. 


Fox School of Business and Management

Gain the basic business foundations necessary to advance in the field and in your career. This minor, available to non-business majors only, also prepares students for graduate studies in business.

Business Basics

Fox School of Business and Management

Develop your knowledge of foundational business subjects like financial accounting, leadership and organizational management. The certificate comprises a series of five courses, all of which can be completed online. Business Basics is open only to non-matriculated students.

Business Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Aspire to a well-rounded education in business. Gain skills in communication, conflict management, leadership and negotiation. Join any of the professional organizations available in the Fox School of Business. 

Business Plus

Fox School of Business and Management

Advance your quantitative business knowledge with the Business Plus certificate, which includes courses in macro- and micro-economic principles, managerial accounting and risk management. Business Plus courses can be taken completely online, and are offered exclusively to non-matriculated students. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fox School of Business and Management

Learn how to take into account issues of economics, the environment and social responsibility in the balance of corporate decision-making. You’ll have the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply theories you learn in class through a placement in a community organization practicing sustainability. This minor is open to both business and non-business students.

Digital Marketing

Fox School of Business and Management

Develop professional skills in the evolving field of digital marketing. Courses integrate foundational marketing skills with sophisticated digital technology and analytics to prepare students for new and emerging jobs in fields such as analytics, digital demographics, search engine optimization and customer relationship management.


Fox School of Business and Management

Study the science of production and consumption, gaining fluency in business theories and the economic principle from which they spring. This program prepares students for leadership roles in business and consulting with a degree that appeals to top corporations and policy shops around the world. 

Available as a minor

Entertainment Law and Business

Fox School of Business and Management

Open to business students only, this minor tackles specific legal issues confronting the entertainment industry from a business perspective. You’ll hone the knowledge and skills needed to take on a management role in the entertainment sector.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Gain an understanding of how new ventures are created and nurtured through the management of entrepreneurial businesses. This program combines skills and experience from several business disciplines for students to learn how to realize their own business plans or help other entrepreneurs on the road to establishment. 

Tap into your creative thinking skills and kick start your career as an entrepreneur with this certificate. You’ll gain the foundation to build a functioning team, form a strategic plan and successfully raise resources for your own enterprise. The certificate is designed for non-business students.


Fox School of Business and Management

Learn to apply financial principles and methodologies to real-world situations, and develop a network that comprises industry leaders, world-class researchers and successful alumni. Students will learn the language of investment while exploring the interconnected world of financial systems. 

Financial Planning

Fox School of Business and Management

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a financial professional who helps individuals grow, manage and protect their assets. Prepare to analyze and anticipate clients’ needs with a fundamental understanding of strategies for retirement planning, income tax and estate planning, insurance, investment allocation, and employee benefits planning. 

General Business Studies

Fox School of Business and Management

Geared toward non-business students, this minor helps you to gain a broad base of foundational business knowledge. Courses focus on key high-level concepts in macroeconomics, marketing, and organizational management without digging too deep into quantitative work.

Human Resource for Legal Studies

Fox School of Business and Management

Gain an understanding of the legal repercussions of employment and human resource issues. You’ll study regulations related to hiring and firing, injuries on business premises, and labor and management relations, among other topics. 

Human Resource Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Understand the social and professional dynamics of human behavior in the workplace. Learn the details of compensation, hiring, recruitment, training and other essential functions necessary for mastering the “people side” of any organization. 

Information Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fox School of Business and Management

Combine the power of information technology with the drive of an entrepreneurial approach to develop your business acumen. Learn to create and manage a successful entrepreneurial business through the study of entrepreneurship theory and practice. Generate an idea for a new business, assess its feasibility, and make a comprehensive business plan.

International Business

Fox School of Business and Management

Develop the skills and gain the experience that will prepare you for a career in today’s global economy. Learn about the dynamics of globalization and interconnected marketplaces. 


  • International Economics
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Sales and Business Development
  • International Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics

Legal Studies

Fox School of Business and Management

Combine the study of business and law through a program that prepares students for success in professional studies or work directly after graduation. This program is ideal for future law school or MBA program applicants—it includes practical elements from the legal process and the business world. 

Prepare to handle the range of legal issues that human resource professionals regularly encounter. Courses cover essential issues such as hiring, disciplining, and terminating employees, as well as training, restructuring, and administering employee benefits.

Identify and understand legal issues that impact both business and personal decisions. Open to business students only, this minor will help you to develop skills needed for law school, including how to read cases and statutes, conduct legal research, and make and document legal arguments.

Management Consulting

Fox School of Business and Management

Developed in close collaboration with industry partners, this minor helps you to develop key business communication and critical thinking skills while preparing for a career in consulting. Experiential learning is incorporated into each course, and many professors are industry professionals who are active practitioners in their fields. This, along with a fresh lineup of guest speakers each semester, ensures that courses are relevant, and helps you to gain access to hiring firms as a student. 

Management Information Systems

Fox School of Business and Management

Learn how to apply, design and initiate technology, in order to transform business functions and produce innovative products and services. Absorb skills and knowledge about the business applications of mobile computing, virtual private networking and other technological aids for business. 

Open to non-business students, this certificate provides a solid foundation in analyzing, selecting and applying technology solutions for business problems. Learn to work with data analytics and gain a more holistic view of data systems within organizations through core courses, and then specialize in your area of interest through electives.


Fox School of Business and Management

Understand how companies and services make decisions and identify their clients’ needs through psychology and economics. This program combines the qualitative skills of design and sales with the hard science of profit and risk, preparing students for careers in advertising, marketing, product design and more.

Organizational Leadership

Fox School of Business and Management

This minor is open to students in both the Fox Business School and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. Courses supplement core technical competencies like accounting and macroeconomic principles with key organizational and interpersonal leadership skills. Learn to think and act in ways that support a strong leadership style and benefit the interests of multiple organizational stakeholders.

Real Estate

Fox School of Business and Management

Develop the ability to analyze real estate investment opportunities and implement the risk-management strategies to capitalize on them. This program focuses on an understanding of real estate markets and the specifics of legal real estate transactions for future market analysts, brokers and specialists. 

Risk Management and Insurance

Fox School of Business and Management

Acquire the technical expertise and strategic vision necessary to manage the risks facing modern businesses. Learn the qualitative and quantitative skills required to understand the many dimensions of risk and help stakeholders respond with successful strategies. 

Statistical Science and Data Analytics

Fox School of Business and Management

Gain the quantitative knowledge to think with data by learning the basics of data management and statistical methods and theory. Learn programming and modern statistical languages and enter the workforce with your SAS Base Programming for SAS 9 certification. Develop a business-oriented perspective that will prepare you for a career in a high-demand field. 

Supply Chain Management

Fox School of Business and Management

Study how to streamline a business’ supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Learn to forecast the availability of goods, materials and services while advising executives or preparing their projects. 

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