Degree Requirements for the B.A. in Visual Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 122 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA. 

University Requirements

Students must complete the university's General Education curriculum.

  • Successful completion (minimum grade of C-) in both VS 1151 and ARTH 1156 will waive the GenEd Arts (GA) requirement.
  • Summer or semester study abroad will satisfy the GenEd Global/World Society requirement.

Major Requirements

  • Required Visual Studies courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C- to apply towards degree requirements.
  • All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses at Temple University as part of the major. The writing-intensive courses are identified with (WI) after the titles.
Foundation Requirements
VS 1151Visual Studies 1 Foundation: Drawing3
VS 1351Visual Studies 1 Foundation: 3D3
VS 1651Visual Studies 1 Foundation: Digital Imaging3
TYLE 1071Visual Studies 1 Introduction to Visual Studies: History, Theory, Practice3
FDPR 1501Introduction to Art and Design (freshman seminar)1
Studio Requirements
VS 1058Visual Studies 1: Interdisciplinary Studio Seminar 13
VS 2058Visual Studies 2: Interdisciplinary Studio Seminar 23
One Concept studio from Visual Studies at the 2xxx level3
VS 3058Visual Studies 3 Interdisciplinary Studio Seminar 33
Two Hybrid studios from Visual Studies at the 3xxx level6
VS 4098Visual Studies 4 Interdisciplinary Studio Seminar 4 (WI)3
One Interdisciplinary studio from Visual Studies at the 4xxx level3
GAD 3896Art Career Workshop (WI)3
Select 5 studio electives from Visual Studies, Community Arts or 2000 level Crafts, PDS or GAD 115
Art History Requirement
ARTH 1155Art Heritage of the Western World I3
or ARTH 1955 Honors Art Heritage of the Western World I
ARTH 1156Art Heritage of the Western World II3
or ARTH 1956 Honors Art Heritage of the Western World II
Academic Requirements
Select 4 Academic Elective courses at any level 2, 313
Select 4 Upper Level Academic electives (2000-level or above) 212
Language Requirement (select one from the following) 44
ARBC 1002
Arabic Elements II
CHI 1002
Chinese Elements II
FREN 1002
Introduction to French II
GER 1002
Introduction to German II
GRKA 1002
Ancient Greek 2
GRKM 1002
Modern Greek Elements II
HEBR 1002
Elements II
HIN 1002
Hindi Elements II
ITAL 1002
Italian Language II
or ITAL 1902
Honors Italian Language II
JPNS 1002
Japanese Elements II
KRN 1002
Korean Elements II
LAT 1002
Latin 2
PORT 1002
Basic II
RUS 1002
First-Year Russian II
SPAN 1002
Basic II
or SPAN 1902
Honors Basic II
VTNM 1002
Vietnamese Elements II
Total Credit Hours90

Not ARTE 3011.


From within the University, but outside of Tyler departments.


If Language 1001 level is required per placement test results, this will apply towards one of the required academic elective courses.


If Language 1002 is not required as determined by placement testing, these credits must be taken as academic elective.