Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 36

Required Courses:

Core Courses
STHM 5211Sport Finance and Economics3
STHM 5212Legal Issues in Sport and Recreation3
STHM 5215Sport Marketing3
STHM 5216Strategic Management in Sport and Recreation3
STHM 5217Sport Facility Management3
STHM 5285Graduate Internship in Sport and Recreation3
Fox School of Business and Management Requirements
STAT 5001Quantitative Methods for Business3
One elective course from the Fox School of Business and Management 13
Sport Business Electives 2
Select 12 credits of the following:12
Athletics Administration Concentration
STHM 5225
Sport Sponsorship and Sales
or STHM 5232
Fundraising and Development
STHM 5231
Compliance and Student-Athlete Affairs
STHM 5233
Governance and Policy in Intercollegiate Athletics
STHM free elective
Recreation and Event Management Concentration
STHM 5232
Fundraising and Development
STHM 5241
Evaluation of Programs and Events (1.5 s.h.)
STHM 5242
Business of Non-Profit Organizations (1.5 s.h.)
STHM 5243
Event Management
STHM free elective
Sport Analytics Concentration 3
STHM 5226
Consumer Behavior in Sport and Recreation
STHM 5251
Sport Analytics
MIS 5001
Information Technology Management
MIS 5101
Business Intelligence
STHM free elective
Sport Marketing and Promotions Concentration
STHM 5225
Sport Sponsorship and Sales
STHM 5226
Consumer Behavior in Sport and Recreation
STHM 5227
Sport Media and Communication
STHM free elective
Miscellaneous Electives
Free electives include any course listed in the above concentrations (STHM 5221 through STHM 5251) or any of the miscellaneous courses listed below:
STHM 5220
Special Topics in Sport and Recreation
STHM 9995
Master's Project
STHM 9996
Master's Thesis
Total Credit Hours36

The specific Fox School of Business and Management elective course will be chosen by the student in cooperation with her/his advisor and will be relevant to the student's declared concentration.


Students may take 12 credits from the STHM elective courses listed above (in addition to the Fox School of Business and Management requirements, if necessary). If students wish to have a concentration designation on their transcripts, they must take each course designated under one concentration listed below and "declare" the concentration. 


MIS 5001 Information Technology Management or MIS 5101 Business Intelligence satisfies the requirement for this concentration and for the second Fox School of Business and Management requirement listed above.

Culminating Event:
Graduate Internship in Sport and Recreation:
STHM 5285 Graduate Internship in Sport and Recreation represents the culminating experience for all M.S. students during their term of graduation. A minimum of 3 credits is required for all students, regardless of concentration. The graduate internship utilizes a field placement with emphasis on acquisition and application of practical skills. A total of 180 contact hours are completed in cooperation between the student and an agency, under supervision of both the University internship coordinator and the agency-designated supervisor.