You can focus on Sport and Recreation Management or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • Event Leadership/Sport and Recreation

    Learn how to conceptualize, execute and strategize sports and recreational events. Develop marketing plans, and master the budgeting and finance, event creation and orchestration, human resource management, and event-related business and career development that help organizations reach their strategic goals. Read more about the Bachelor of Science in Sports and Recreation Management, Event Leadership concentration. View Concentration Details
  • Governance and Policy

    Learn how to set goals, establish policies, formulate budgets, and plan and evaluate components of college athletics programs. Acquire an up-to-the minute global perspective on sports-related issues. Learn how to coordinate resources for effective management in a sports or recreation services operation. Read more about the Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management, Governance and Policy concentration. View Concentration Details
  • Sport and Recreation Promotion

    Master techniques for marketing the complete sports and recreation experience, from media coverage to audience consumption. Learn to analyze, adapt and strategize to proactively cope with increasing competition, sensitive media situations and emerging information technology. Read more about the Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation, Promotion concentration. View Concentration Details

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