Admissions Information


You’ll need to complete

In addition, you should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Applying to Temple's DPT Program

Temple utilizes a holistic admissions process that incorporates key academic performance measures as well as non-academic components. We examine each application thoroughly, looking for key elements of emerging healthcare providers and leaders, including academic aptitude, determination, empathy, motivation, perseverance, professionalism, responsibility and self-reflection.

Applying to Temple is a two-step process
  1. Physical Therapy Centralized Application System (PTCAS)
    • Complete the application, including submitting GRE scores, prerequisite scores, references, transcripts, and volunteer and work experiences.
    • All official transcripts and GRE scores should be sent directly to PTCAS using the Temple-specific code: 7581.
    • The PTCAS application fee varies depending on the total number of school you choose to apply to.
  2. Temple Graduate School application
    • Complete Temple’s application simultaneously with the PTCAS application.
    • Much of this application is duplicative of PTCAS; paste the same information from the PTCAS into this application.
    • A $60 fee is associated with Temple’s application.

Both applications are required to be completed before the review process begins.

About the application process

  1. You may apply using the above process as long as you have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  2. We do not have a minimum for GRE scores but recommend that applicants attempt to earn scores close to the average for admitted students.
  3. Prerequisite course work can be taken at any accredited institution, including colleges, community colleges and universities.

View more information about the program’s prerequisites.


  • Prospective students who complete both applications will be notified via email that their applications have entered the review process.
  • Selected applicants will be invited for in-person group interviews to learn more about the program.

Early decision applications

Temple’s DPT program participates in PTCAS’s early-decision option. Applicants must complete all their required elements by the deadline specified by PTCAS.

The program will review and process applications that are designated early decision to provide applicants with a decision prior to the general deadline (in late September). If you are considering the early decision option, email for specific advising.

Additional Foreign-trained Student Requirements

TOEFL score: Minimum 79 iBT or 550 PBT. See all international graduate applicant requirements.