Labs & Research


The College of Public Health provides access to the Nursing Resource Center. Located in the Health Sciences Center, the resource center provides students with an array of advanced equipment to support their training, including a simulation lab and a variety of self-learning tools.

Simulation Lab

Located in the Nursing Resource Center, the simulation lab plays a crucial role in allowing students to practice their physical assessment and other skills without exposing human patients to potential medical error. The lab provides

  • a completely realistic hospital/clinical setting,
  • an accurately recreated medical-surgical environment, and
  • full-body simulators that recreate various human physiological conditions.

Students can use the lab, models and equipment at any time during open lab hours, which are held every semester.

Clinical Education and Internships

BSN students engage in healthcare learning practice in the Philadelphia community, creating meaningful connections, gaining invaluable experience and helping people live healthier lives. Our partners include houses of faith, neighborhood organizations, public health departments, schools, and other groups in North Philadelphia.

A sequence of six community home courses situate you in a selected agency in a Philadelphia neighborhood, emphasizing the role of the generalist practice nurse in the care of the community. As a part of the course, you’ll complete a comprehensive assessment of the community in which the agency is situated. You’ll also complete a three-credit-hour internship experience that challenges you to integrate scientific knowledge with clinical nursing practice, which prepares you for your professional nursing role.

Collaborative engagement is at the heart of Temple’s BSN program: You will form lasting relationships with the communities, organizations and patients you serve, as well as with your instructors, nurse mentors and peers.

Unlike other programs, you can complete two externships during the summers, positioning you to be more competitive in the marketplace upon graduation. In your senior year, you will have opportunities to work independently with a nurse preceptor—a teacher and mentor who guides students in applying nursing theory in a clinical setting.