Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required to Earn the Degree: 30

Required Courses:

College Core Course
HRPR 5001Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions0
Core Courses
KINS 5311Physiology of Exercise3
KINS 9201Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology3
KINS 9203Appl Ex Physio-Neuromusc3
KINS 9901Research Methods in Kinesiology3
Intermediate Statistics course3
Select three courses from the following:
BIOL 5111
Genomics in Medicine
KINS 5202
Biomechanical Skeletal Tissue
KINS 5312
Exercise and Nutrient Metabolism
KINS 5313
Exercise and Aging
KINS 8349
Cadaver Anatomy
KINS 9204
Cellular Adapt to Exer
Other KINS electives or graduate courses in other departments 1
Culminating Experience Courses 26
Total Credit Hours30

Electives may be taken to tailor graduate coursework to the interests and skills of the student. Approval of the faculty advisor is required to select an elective course.


Students choose from among three options to complete the degree: a thesis, a master's research project, or a clinical practicum. Each option requires the completion of 6 credits, as explained in the section below.

Culminating Events:
Thesis Option:
The thesis is designed to demonstrate the student's ability to collect data and present results in a scholarly manner. KINS 9995 Master's Research in Kinesiology is taken for 3 credits, as is KINS 9996 Master's Thesis in Kinesiology. Students schedule a defense with their three-person committee after the thesis advisor has approved the thesis as ready for defense. Overall evaluation is pass/fail, with recommendations for improvements of the thesis offered as a result of faculty review and discussion at the thesis defense.

Master's Research Project Option:
The master's research project option is a mentored research experience that may result in a publication or a summary document of the research experience. Taken for 3 credits, KINS 9995 Master's Research in Kinesiology is designed to offer flexibility for students who wish to be actively involved with research, but do not want to engage in research at the level expected for a thesis. Evaluation of the project is by a two-person committee as pass/fail. To earn the 3 other required credits, students in the master's research project option take an additional elective.

Clinical Practicum Option:
KINS 9785 Internship in Kinesiology is a 300-hour (6 credits) supervised applied experience. The clinical practicum offers students the opportunity to engage in more applied work. Evaluation of the experience is by the major professor, based on a submitted portfolio of materials completed during the experience.