You can focus on Kinesiology or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • Athletic Training

    Examine advanced inquiry and understanding of the human body’s physical matter and dynamics. Develop the ability to think critically as a certified athletic trainer. Evaluate accepted clinical practice; conduct scientific inquiries; and create, examine and apply research that enhances proficiency in sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

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  • Integrative Exercise Physiology

    Prepare for a career as a scientist, clinical researcher or clinician in a variety of practice settings, including clinics, hospitals and wellness centers. Gain advanced knowledge and skills in clinical or applied integrative physiology of exercise.

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  • Psychology of Movement

    Develop an expertise in the psychological dimensions of movement and gain an appreciation of the role exercise plays in individuals’ lives with this advanced degree. Expand knowledge and understanding of human movement and sport psychology through research and application.

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