Admissions Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Occupational Therapy MOT program, you must have a baccalaureate degree in any discipline from an accredited institution with a minimum undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. 

The program requires a number of prerequisite courses.  Courses include

  • Abnormal Psychology,
  • Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Developmental Psychology,
  • Introduction to Psychology,
  • Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology, and
  • Statistics.

Temple’s Master of Occupational Therapy program realizes the hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for our prospective students. The program strongly believes that in-person lecture and laboratories are ideal preparation for incoming students. However, the program understands this may not be feasible at this time, and safety must be at the forefront of the educational experience. The MOT program will allow for all lecture/laboratory courses to be taken in an online or in-person format. We do believe that an in-person Anatomy and Physiology laboratory experience best develops the prospective student for the MOT program coursework.

Please evaluate your courses to see if they satisfy the course description by reviewing this document. See the Program Prerequisite Information section below for more details.

Application Components

Additional Requirements for International Students

  • TOEFL: For applicants whose native language is not English, the TOEFL is required with a minimum score of 79 on the iBT. These scores should be sent officially to Temple University using the code 2906. 
  • A WES evaluation is required for applicants who completed their degree outside of the United States. This can be requested and submitted through OTCAS.

Admissions Deadlines

Summer II term (June start): Feb. 1

Program Prerequisite Information

  • Temple University’s MOT Program requires that applicants have a verified grade of a "B-" or higher in each of their prerequisite courses in order to be considered for admission. At the time of application submission, prerequisites may be in progress or pending, but must be completed prior to our deadline, February 1st. Applications with prerequisites that do not have a “B-“ or higher will not be considered.
  • Lab courses must have been completed within five years. All other courses must be completed within ten years. 
  • In the event that Introduction to Psychology or Introduction to Sociology/Cultural Anthropology were completed more than 10 years ago, one may take a CLEP test or retake the course to complete this prerequisite. This is the only time a CLEP course may be accepted.
  • Courses may be taken at any accredited institution, including your local community college.
  • All prerequisite courses, with the exception of lab courses, can be taken online.
  • The only AP course we accept is AP Psychology. This must be listed on your OTCAS and official transcript to be considered. 
  • We do not accept CLEP or AP courses (with the exception as noted above) for prerequisites.
  • Please review your courses to see if they satisfy the course description. Full transcripts will not be reviewed for admissions eligibility. If you have any questions regarding prerequisites, please contact If you aren’t sure whether the course meets the requirement, please send the official link to the course description and a course syllabus for each course you want reviewed.

Laptop Requirement

Laptops are integrated into the curriculum at the College of Public Health to improve opportunities for active learning and provide greater access to specialized software and required tools in and out of the classroom. Incoming students are required to have a laptop that meets certain minimum hardware specifications. Review full laptop requirements.