Research & Facilities

Students at the School of Pharmacy have numerous opportunities to contribute to real-world experiments, helmed by world-class practitioners and researchers.

Students can contribute to cutting-edge research while learning modern techniques for their professional careers in the pharmaceutical sciences. You’ll be exposed to unique perspectives on the drug discovery process and the importance of multidisciplinary, collaborative research in the modern scientific environment.

Students gain the benefit of training programs in

  • high throughput screening;
  • manufacturing;
  • medicinal chemistry;
  • molecular modeling;
  • parallel synthesis;
  • pharmacodynamics;
  • pharmacogenomics;
  • pharmacokinetics; and
  • small-molecule drug design.

Facilities & Labs

The School of Pharmacy boasts multiple state-of-the-art facilities, including the

  • Biotherapeutics Laboratory, which focuses primarily on discovering and researching proteins for protein-based drugs.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices Services, which is one of only six university facilities in the country where students can make placebo tablets on industrial equipment, following good manufacturing practices regulations.
  • Proteomics Facility, which provides accessible proteomics capability for biological and biomedical research.  

Learn more about the School of Pharmacy’s research institutes and centers.

Research Funding 

The Dr. Ronald F. Gautieri Memorial Fund, established in 1996 in memory of former faculty member Dr. Ronald F. Gautieri, PHR ’57, CLA ’60, supports graduate research projects in the School of Pharmacy.

The Leon O. and Sharon L. Moulder Endowed Fund, established in 2014 by Lonnie, PHR ’80, and Sharon, PHR ’80, Moulder, supports the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research in the School of Pharmacy by funding expenses in the form of equipment, personnel salaries,  research, and supply purchases, and other costs associated with a program in drug discovery that is based on the principles of biological screening, drug design, medicinal chemistry, and structure activity analyses.