Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the M.F.A.: 37

Required Courses:

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
FMA 5671Film History and Theory13
FMA 8462Documentary Arts and Visual Research14
 Term Credit Hours10
FMA 5468Art-Culture-Technology Seminar14
FMA 9346Methodologies and Praxis4
FMA 9683Directed Readings1
 Term Credit Hours9
Year 2
FMA 93454
FMA 99942
 Term Credit Hours9
FMA 999833
 Term Credit Hours3
Year 3
FMA 99993
 Term Credit Hours3
FMA 99993
 Term Credit Hours3
 Total Credit Hours: 37

Approved Electives:

ANTH 8408Approaches in the Anthropology of Visual Communication I3
ANTH 8409Approaches in the Anthropology of Visual Communication II3
ARTH 8440Seminar: Problems, Period, Style3
DANC 9852Dancing the Popular3
ENG 9300Seminar in Critical Theory3
FMA 5672History of Documentary Film4
FMA 5673Time-Image Arts/Cinema Praxis4
FMA 5674Media Arts Thry-Practice4
FMA 8244Experimental Methods4
FMA 8670Topics in Media Studies1-4
FMA 8673Historical Film Research4
FMA 8675Seminar: International Film4
FMA 8870U Penn Critical Studies4
MUST 8743Seminar in Stylistic Analysis3
MUST 8749Current Topics in Musicology and Theory3
PDS 8501Theories Visual Represnt3

Culminating Events:
Students develop their dissertation proposal through individual tutorials and group workshops. The dissertation proposal is due no later than March 30.

Students work with their dissertation advisor to complete the dissertation. Doctoral dissertation projects are to employ the latest visualization technologies.

Early in the term in which a defense of the dissertation is anticipated, the major advisor notifies the Associate Dean that it is time to appoint the Dissertation Examining Committee (DEC). The DEC consists of the Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) plus an "outside" reader, who is an additional graduate faculty member from Temple or another university, but not from the faculty of the student's home department.

Doctoral candidates must schedule a defense of the dissertation with the Associate Dean at least one month before the requested defense date. The "Announcement of Dissertation Defense" form, found in TUportal under the Tools tab within “University Forms,” must bear all appropriate signatures and be submitted to the Associate Dean.

Two weeks prior to the oral defense, the student submits individual copies of the abstract and the completed dissertation to the Associate Dean and each member of the DEC. The graduate secretary notifies the Graduate School and posts notices of the impending defense on bulletin boards located within the School of Theater, Film and Media Arts. All members of the DEC attend the oral defense and then vote to pass or fail the dissertation and its defense after the conclusion of the public presentation.