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Clinical research is a major portion of the Communication Sciences PhD program, and doctoral students are heavily involved in research in the department’s multiple labs and facilities. They partner closely with faculty members to perform studies in the following areas, among others.

  • Aphasia Rehabilitation Research Lab: Researchers work to better understand the relationship between language, short-term memory and other cognitive processes in individuals with aphasia. A team of dedicated speech language pathologists, cognitive neuropsychologists, research assistants, student workers and volunteers work with persons with aphasia to fulfill this mission.
  • Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab: Research in this lab seeks to advance our understanding of the neurobiological basis of language. Currently, researchers are focused on examining the efficacy of behavioral and psychopharmacologic treatments for language disorders; and on understanding brain plasticity and the changes that accompany recovery and relearning of language.
  • Memory, Concepts, Cognition Lab: Graduate students and faculty have recently been studying topics such as concept acquisition, linguistic patterns, multidimensional scaling of abstract words and semantic access. Language treatment for dementia is also a major focus of the lab’s activities and research.
  • Speech, Language and Brain Laboratory (SLAB lab): The SLAB lab focuses on speech and language comprehension and production across the lifespan, both in unimpaired individuals and in various populations with developmental or acquired speech and/or language disorders, such as aphasia, apraxia of speech and phonological disorders. 


Graduates most often continue on to positions in academia or research institutions. Recent graduates have found positions at universities in the Philadelphia area, among other institutions. 

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