Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Total Number of Credits Required: 36

Required Courses:

Core Courses in the College of Public Health 1
EPBI 5002Biostatistics3
EPBI 5201Epidemiological Research Methods I3
EPBI 8202Epidemiological Research Methods II3
EPBI 8208Data Management and Analysis3
HRPR 5001Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions0
Core Courses in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine
BMSC 8103Scientific Integrity and Bioethics1
BMSC 8203Bioinformatics1
BMSC 8207Molecular Approaches to Research2
MEDS 8010Seminar Clinical Res1
MEDS 8020Crit Lit Clin Transl Res2
MEDS 8030Grant Writing: Clin Res2
Non-Didactic Courses
EPBI 9996Masters Res in Pub Hlth (2 terms)6
Total Credit Hours36

Culminating Events:
The master's thesis documents the independent research of the student and demonstrates mastery of her/his primary area of interest. Thesis research is conducted under the direct supervision of academic advisors from both the College of Public Health and the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. The specific topic for research should be of current interest in the professional community and relevant to translational clinical research. After a research topic is selected, a thesis proposal is submitted describing a plan for completion of the proposed research. The student may continue the research only after the initial proposal is approved by the committee.