Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30 Thesis Track or 36 Non-Thesis Track

Required Courses:

All students participate in a common first-year interdisciplinary experience that includes the following core courses:
Molecules to Cells
Organ Systems: Function, Dysfunction and Therapies
Scientific Design and Biostatistics
Scientific Communications
Scientific Integrity
Advanced elective courses are selected for one of the following tracks:
Thesis Track (6 credits in the area of concentration)
Non-Thesis Track (20 credits, with at least one course in each of the five areas of concentration)
Seminar/Specialized Journal Club

Culminating Events:
For the Thesis Track, the thesis must be based on an original research project. It should demonstrate the student's familiarity with laboratory techniques related to the research project and the ability to evaluate critically the literature in the student’s chosen area. The student submits the thesis in complete form not less than 14 days prior to the date of the final examination. The thesis must have been read and approved by the thesis advisor prior to distribution. The student should confirm a time and date for the thesis defense with the Final Examination Committee.

The final examination consists of a defense of the student's thesis to demonstrate competence within the field of the thesis and closely related areas. The student's Advisory Committee votes to pass or fail the thesis and the defense at the conclusion of the presentation. If the student must make revisions, those changes must be approved as arranged by the Committee.

Note that the Non-Thesis Track has no culminating event. Students may elect to obtain research experience within a laboratory.