Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Master's: 30
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Bachelor's: 60

Required Courses:
The program requires 60 graduate-level credits in Art History beyond the B.A. degree. Up to 9 credits can be taken in graduate courses outside the department if the coursework is relevant to the student's field and approved by the student's advisor. Up to 6 credits may be taken in directed research, and 6 credits are required in writing the dissertation.

Language Examination: Students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of two foreign languages: German and either French or Italian. With permission of the Director of Graduate Studies, the student may substitute another language appropriate to her/his field.

Culminating Events:
Qualifying Paper:
The qualifying paper is required of those entering the program with a bachelor's degree. At the end of the third term of coursework, such students are required to submit a long paper to demonstrate their command of scholarly research and writing. This is done in lieu of a master’s thesis. The ability to continue in the Ph.D. program is contingent on the quality of this paper. If the qualifying paper is not deemed acceptable, the student is transferred to the M.A. program.

The Doctoral Advisory Committee is formed to oversee the student's doctoral research and is comprised of at least three Graduate Faculty members. Two members, including the Chair, must be from the Art History Department. The composition of the Doctoral Advisory Committee must be approved by the department's Graduate Committee. The Chair is responsible for overseeing and guiding the student's progress, coordinating the responses of the committee members, and informing the student of her/his academic progress.

The Dissertation Examining Committee evaluates the student's dissertation and oral defense. This committee is comprised of the Doctoral Advisory Committee and at least one additional Graduate Faculty member from outside the Art History Department. The Outside Examiner should be identified no later than the beginning of the term in which the student will defend the dissertation.

If a student needs to change a member of a committee, the new member must be approved by the department's Graduate Committee and registered with the Graduate Secretary and the Graduate School.

Students who are preparing to defend their dissertation should confirm a time and date with their Doctoral Advisory Committee and register with the designated person/office at least 15 days before the defense is to be scheduled. After the department has arranged the time, date, and room for the defense, the student must send the Graduate School a completed "Announcement of Dissertation Defense" form, found in TUportal under the Tools tab within “University Forms,” at least 10 working days before the defense. The department posts flyers announcing the defense.