Temple's Outcomes

Alum Emily Hendrie working on jewelry in her studioMany Temple graduates are engaged at work, active in their communities and emotionally connected to their alma mater. That’s the finding of a Gallup survey that highlights the true value of a Temple education.

Temple partnered with Gallup on the survey because the university leadership cares about the success of students and alumni. It’s no surprise the results found that Temple graduates are more likely than other graduates to strongly agree that they can’t imagine a world without their alma mater.

Excelling at Work: Employed Temple graduates are more likely than graduates nationally and their peers at high research universities to be engaged in their careers and have the “good jobs” that are linked to higher productivity and well-being.

Ready for the Real World: Temple alumni lead other college graduates in strongly agreeing that their university prepared them well for life outside of college.

Connected to Their Alma Mater: Temple alumni are much more likely than graduates in comparison groups to feel emotionally attached to their alma mater. One in four Temple alumni are emotionally attached, compared with fewer than one in five alumni of other schools.

Committed to the Community: Temple graduates are significantly more likely than graduates in all comparison groups to be thriving in social and community well-being. Our alumni enjoy their communities and work to improve them.

Many measures of the impact of a college degree focus only on salary and miss the importance of long-term fulfillment and well-being. By measuring the ability of graduates to find good jobs and have a better life, Gallup goes deeper into the real value of a college education for individuals, the communities they live in and society at large.

Read the Gallup Report.