Temple's Breakthroughs

Scientists posing for picture

Relentlessly pursuing breakthroughs across disciplines, Temple University researchers propel pioneering research and ingenious discoveries.

Closing In: Temple researchers were the first scientists to successfully eliminate the HIV-1 virus from human cells.

Alternative Application: The Lewis Katz School of Medicine investigators found that a popular prescription antidepressant may reverse heart failure.

The Smell of Success: A fascinating study by a Fox School of Business professor correlates scents with retail purchasing behavior.

Cure for the Common Flu: A paper from researchers in the Institute for Computational Molecular Science maps out a potential drug that would inhibit the influenza virus.

The Owl’s Nest: Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, Temple scientists are developing mobile, 3-D security cameras with cloud computing onboard.

Tree of Life: Researchers created the largest and most accurate rendering of the history of life on Earth and discovered that evolution is actually constant.

Free Radicals: A study by scientists in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine found that blocking key receptors used by oxygen free radicals could neutralize many of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

“We’re leading, not following, thanks to a new generation of Temple scholars who are elevating Temple to new heights.”

Michele Masucci

Vice President of Research Administration