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Temple Faculty’s Work Highly Cited, Driving Breakthroughs

Two Temple professors posingOur professors’ work reaches far beyond the classroom and students are right there with them. Temple boasts six members of the National Academies, six American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows, and a number of Guggenheim and MacArthur fellows on its faculty. Together they focus on research that improves lives.

  • Top Tier: In the new Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, Temple rose to “highest research activity,” or R1, placing it among the top four percent of all four-year institutions in the nation.
  • Most cited: Temple’s College of Science and Technology boasts four works by three authors, John Perdew, Sudhir Kumar and Michael Klein, in the top 100 most cited science papers of all time according to
  • Legal Precedent: Professors David Hoffman and Gregory Mandel both penned journal articles among the top most cited law papers of the past five years and ten years respectively.
  • Scholarly Momentum: Four liberal arts professors and three medicine and pharmacy professors are among the top one percent of most-cited authors in their fields.
  • Leaps and Bounds: New research by Temple scientists  is making waves in the treatment of HIV-1, heart disease, influenza and more.
  • NSF Elite: Temple research expenditures totaled $236 million in FY2014, marking a threefold increase since 2004 and propelling the university into the top 100 in the National Science Foundation’s annual higher education survey.

Temple faculty are among the most respected in the world and their work is consistently relied upon by peers to develop new research and concepts. By employing top professors, our students are privy to some of the greatest minds in the fields of science, the humanities, education, medicine, business, law, and more.