In our labs, classrooms and communities across the city and around the world, Temple students conduct hands-on research, solve challenging problems and launch new businesses.


University-wide, students compete in the annual “Be Your Own Boss Bowl,” a contest that provides funding for winners to launch their own business ventures.

Students pitch their business plans at Temples annual “Be Your Own Boss Bowl.”

Real-world Experience

Philadelphia is one of the nation’s most vibrant cities, and we’ve made it an extension of our classrooms. Our students take advantage of our location with real-world training, internships and on-the-job learning. 

Interning at the Philadelphia Zoo opens a new career path for a Temple student.


Learning starts on campus and continues around the world. While 2,787 international students from 109 countries now attend Temple—an increase of 19.5% from last year—1,120 Temple students study abroad at Temple’s campuses in Italy and Japan, as well as in 45 other countries. A special international consortium allows Temple science majors to study abroad while staying on track with their rigorous course loads.

Scholarships and Stipends

We offer academic scholarships that range from $3,000 to full tuition for freshmen with strong GPAs and standardized test scores. Additionally, Honors students receive $4,000 grants to pursue concentrated research, fieldwork and study-abroad opportunities during the summer.

Learn about freshman academic scholarships at Temple University.


From the day they set foot on campus, Temple students learn the skills that will lead to jobs through networking, events, courses and special programs that build strong career paths.

Temples ProRanger program gives students real life training and a guaranteed job after graduation.


Our nine distinct campuses offer an array of diverse learning environments—from urban to suburban and local to international.

Students in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture based at the Ambler Campus revitalized a three-mile stretch of the Reading Railroad, which spans 55 city blocks in Philadelphia.