Science Education and Research Center

Building Dedication: October 10, 2014

The Science Education and Research Center, at 247,000 square feet, is one of the largest buildings devoted exclusively to scientific research in the Philadelphia region. The seven-story structure includes 52 research labs and 16 teaching labs, open spaces to foster collaboration, and high-tech equipment such as clean rooms and a low-vibration scanning tunneling microscope facility. SERC’s official ribbon cutting and building dedication took place on October 10 during Temple's Homecoming Weekend and included tours of the building.

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SERC: Fueling the latest scientific discoveries

At Temple's new Science Education and Research Center, scientists and students working side by side fuel the latest scientific discoveries.

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SERC: A new era in scientific exploration at Temple

Temple University's new Science Education and Research Center (SERC) will support scientific inquiry that utilizes both experiments in the lab and work with high-performance computers. A celebration is planned for this Friday, Oct. 10, during Homecoming weekend.

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  • Computer scientist Jie Wu harnesses the power of wireless technology

    Jie Wu, professor and chair of Computer and Information Sciences and director of the College of Science and Technology's Center for Networked Computing, focuses his research on the next generation of wireless technology.

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  • Physicist Maria Iavarone conducts research at the atomic level

    Associate Professor of Physics Maria Iavarone studies the electronic properties of materials using a scanning tunneling microscope that allows her to see individual atoms.

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  • Physicist Xiaoxing Xi grows advanced materials for real-world applications

    Physics Professor Xiaoxing Xi and his team use advanced methods to grow very thin layers of materials—including insulators, superconductors and semiconductors.

Event Details

Building Dedication and Ribbon-cutting Ceremony was held Friday, October 10, 2014.