William Aaronson is associate professor in the Department of Health Services Administration and Policy in the College of Public Health at Temple University. Previously he served as Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Assistant Dean for Research and Doctoral Programs at the Fox School of Business. Dr. Aaronson successfully led the restructuring of doctoral and masters programs in business during his tenure and is known for his strategic outlook, innovative approaches to curriculum management and his collaborative leadership style. Most recently he was the founding chair of the Department of Health Services Administration and Policy.

Dr. Aaronson has considerable international experience including delivery of executive training programs for health system leaders and collaborative research with local faculty in numerous countries. He has particular expertise in the health systems, history, culture, languages and educational systems of the former Soviet Union and Central Europe. He has been the recipient of a J. William Fulbright Senior Teaching Scholarship at the University of Matej Bel, Slovakia.

Dr. Aaronson is a recognized leader in healthcare management education having served as program director and department chair for CAHME accredited programs. He has worked in long-term care management, been a consultant to hospitals and long-term care organizations, and served on boards of directors for long-term and primary care organizations. He has extensively researched the relationship between health policy and healthcare organizational efficiency, quality and strategy. Dr. Aaronson’s research has appeared in top-tier research journals such as Health Economics, Medical Care Research and Review, Medical Care, Health Services Research, The Gerontologist, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, and Journal of Healthcare Management.

Dr. Aaronson led a 5-year, $1.4 million USAID funded and AIHA managed partnership project between a coalition of Temple University, Philadelphia-based healthcare providers and the City Health Administration, Kyiv, Ukraine. The purpose of the Kyiv-Philadelphia Partnership was to develop a system of community-based primary healthcare clinics and the infrastructure to support it.

Dr. Aaronson is active in numerous professional and academic organizations and is currently the chair elect for the Global Healthcare Management Faculty Forum of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.


  • PhD, Business Administration, Temple University
  • MEd, Rehabilitation/Community Counseling, Temple University
  • BS, General Science, Villanova University

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




HPM 2214

Politics and Payments in US Healthcare System


HPM 5006

Political and Economic Aspects of Health


HPM 5107

Forced Migration and Refugee Health


HPM 5132

Comparative Health Systems: Local, National, and Global Perspectives


HPM 8008

Health Economics


HPM 8013

Research Methods in Health Policy


HPM 9083

Readings and Conference in Public Health


HPM 9289

MPH Fieldwork I


HPM 9389

MPH Fieldwork II


HIM 4104

Health Information Management Operations Management


Selected Publications

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