All uses of Temple’s trademarks on products require prior approval from the Office of Business Services, even if the proposed uses do not involve the sale of a product (e.g., promotional items for conferences or meetings, items for fundraisers, items for giveaways, gifts, etc.). Officially recognized student organizations and clubs, along with university departments may purchase items displaying Temple’s trademarks for internal and/or promotional use by following these easy steps:

1. Contact Veronica Aymer in the Business Services office at 215-204-0589 or to discuss your ideas, intended logo use, and to identify vendors. The Business Services Office can also brainstorm ideas with you, if needed, and guide you to licensed vendors who manufacture the items you want. Start this process early, at least 30 days before your event.

2. Select the licensed vendor and product(s). We encourage you to research pricing and speak with at least three (3) licensed vendors prior to making your final decision. In addition, we encourage you to ask licensees to provide you with samples of the products. Approved Standard, Internal, and Vintage Collection licensees can be found here:

Contact Veronica Aymer at 215-204-0589 or with questions.

3. Create the design for your order. Our licensees are familiar with Temple’s logo use policies. They also have access to Temple’s approved marks and will submit the design to Temple’s Business Services Office for approval prior to production. Vendors must submit the design to Business Services via Brand Manager 360, CLC's online artwork management tool.

NOTE: If your school, college, or department needs assistance creating a group-specific Temple logo, please contact Mary Ann Fong in the Strategic Marketing and Communications Office at 215-204-7571 or Never create your own logo!

4. Upon final approval, place your order!

Trademark Uses That May Not Require Approval

Certain uses of Temple’s trademarks do not require prior approval from Temple's Office of Business Services, including use by Temple departments, groups, and registered student organizations during the ordinary course of conducting Temple business.  The provisional use of the trademarks requires that no changes are made to the design or approved colors of Temple’s trademarks and that the logo use guidelines are followed.

Examples include the use of unmodified Temple trademarks on stationery, business cards, reports, official Temple catalogs, publications, reports and similar materials, and materials used in academic courses. Another exception is the use of the Temple name or other trademarks in connection with news reporting and other fair uses that do not undermine Temple’s rights to its trademarks. Temple departments, groups, and registered student organizations may not assign rights to or otherwise grant permission to any other entity for use of Temple trademarks for any purpose without prior review and approval by Temple’s Office of Business Services.  Stationery products can be ordered through Staples Business Solutions (TU Marketplace), and it is recommended that Temple’s in-house Creative Services Office be contacted first for all other stationery needs.