Products must be purchased from licensed manufacturers only (Temple licensees). All products bearing Temple’s trademarks must be purchased only from Temple licensees in order to ensure consistency in the use of Temple’s trademarks and to ensure compliance with a wide range of requirements associated with the manufacture and use of Temple’s trademarks. There are more than 100 companies officially licensed by Temple to manufacture products which bear Temple’s trademarks. View a complete list of “approved” vendors.

All vendors and manufacturers—including advertising specialty companies—of products bearing Temple’s trademarks must enter into a trademark license agreement with the university’s licensing agent, CLC. Once the licensing process is complete, companies may access digital files of Temple’s trademarks via Brand Manager 360.

All products branded with a Temple trademark require licensing. This includes items sold at retail and items distributed by academic and administrative departments, student organizations, and other internal units. There are multiple types of licenses available for Temple thaat depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to the type of product, how it is manufactured, the company’s location and the intended distribution of the products.

Temple Owl Originals Vintage Collection 

The Temple Owl Originals Vintage Collection is a label created to celebrate the academic, athletic, and lifestyle traditions associated with Temple University. The label contains the images and logos exhumed from collegiate archives, which have now contributed to the creation of unique vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. The label assures consumers that such items are officially approved and authenticated by Temple University.

Standard Licensees

Standard Licensees can produce product with Temple University trademarks for external resale, including but not limited to wholesale and retail, and fundraising.

Internal Use (aka Restricted) Licensees

Internal Licensees are able to produce product with Temple University trademarks for internal Temple use only. Products produced by these companies cannot be resold and are intended for the direct use of university departments and recognized student organizations.  This license does not cover sales made to the university bookstore. 

Other license types include International and Promotional.

If your company would like to obtain a Temple University license, contact CLC. For information about the license application and approval process, visit CLC online, call 770-956-0520 or email