Dr. Larry J. Krafft is the founding director of three centers at Temple: Management and Organizational Development in Education, Center for the Study of Psychoeducational Process and Educational Policy Analysis; and has served as a department chair. His professional interests center on exploring and applying complex-adaptive systems perspectives through social system action research. His field-based projects span diverse networked governmental, NGO, corporate, community, and educational settings in Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe and North America. His studies of agent-based dialogic approaches address nonlinear relationships among assessment, planning, and intervention, as highlighted by his professional presentations, publications and case studies. Dr. Krafft especially enjoys exploring and creating conditions for organizational and personal learning with practitioners and students. His current research is on the history of efforts at educational improvement in archaic structures that impede optimal learning in light of changing human conditions, needs and prospects. He is studying global and local emerging entrepreneurial practices signifying systems of learning that challenge established notions of the nature of “education” and its derived practices, structures and benefits.

Research Interests

  • Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Leadership
  • Organization Theory/Change

Courses Taught




AOD 2218

Leadership and Communication


AOD 4396

Field Research: Practice in Professional Settings


AOD 5401

System Dynamics