In this together, so we can be together.

Temple is committed to providing staff and faculty the tools and resources to respond to scenarios they may encounter on campus as appropriately and effectively as possible. All members of the Temple community can set a positive example by wearing a mask and complying with the four public health pillars while on campus. Those who are compliant on campus will set the tone for everyone.

Navigating Conversations

During these conversations, it’s important to emphasize the university’s culture of compliance and cooperation. If any staff or faculty members encounter someone who isn’t wearing a mask on campus or in a classroom, or if anyone is congregating too closely, in most cases, they may find that a gentle reminder is all that is needed. While maintaining a safe distance, speak politely and respectfully, as well as remind the person that these important requirements are meant to keep the entire Temple community safe.

Here are some tips to help direct the conversation.

  • Point to your own mask and say “remember to put your mask up.”
  • Ask the individual if they need a mask and direct them to a student ambassador or security officer who will help them secure a facial covering. All departments will have two reusable masks for each employee. The mask distribution points for students are the
    • Charles Library security desk,
    • Campus Safety Services Office at 1101 W. Montgomery Ave.,
    • Student Center Information Desk and
    • TECH Center security desk.

If a gentle reminder isn’t working, log in to TUportal to see a video featuring Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Stephanie Ives reviewing the “Five Rs,” a strategy for encouraging compliance. Although this video is geared toward classroom management, the general strategies are applicable to many situations.

When approaching someone, faculty and staff shouldn’t argue, follow, shout, take pictures, attempt to publicly shame or take other negative measures. These measures are not effective.

Other Measures for Raising Awareness

If staff and faculty are not comfortable engaging with others in these circumstances, they may also do the following.

  • Locate a student community health ambassador and ask for assistance. These students have been trained to manage these situations effectively.
  • Report the occurrence locally by contacting your supervisor and/or building manager.
  • Report the incident to the Ethics and Compliance Helpline at or by calling 844-755-3394. Provide as much detail as possible.

Questions and Concerns

Each school, college and department has designated an individual to field COVID-19-related questions and concerns. Faculty and staff should discuss their concerns regarding a building or space preparations with their supervisor, building manager or departmental key contact.

Return to Campus Updates

Please remember to check and the Return to Campus tab in TUportal frequently for the latest updates and information.