Quick Reference Guide

The Data Verification Unit (DVU) serves as a critical safety net designed to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information about the university. This Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the mandatory rules for DVU review.

What is the DVU?

The DVU is the university office that verifies the accuracy of Temple data before it is published or issued. It was developed in 2019 to ensure that any statements made by Temple that contain data are true and accurate.

What does the DVU do?

  • Verifies the accuracy of both the data and how the data are characterized in every submission.
  • Provides feedback to the school, college or unit that submits the request based on the verification process. 
  • Trains on best practices on the use, description and publication of university data. 
  • Maintains final copies of submissions for record and proof of verification. 

What is required of me?

All Temple University schools, colleges and units are required to submit any and all in-scope written materials to the DVU before the materials are published, issued or posted.

What written materials are considered “in scope” for DVU review?

Materials that meet the following criteria must be submitted to the DVU for review. Learn more about in-scope materials.

  • Any factual statement containing statistical, demographic or numerically descriptive data, including, but not limited to, statements made for purposes of encouraging attendance at or donations to the university.
  • Any data submitted to accreditation bodies, government entities or rankings organizations.

How do I submit materials to the DVU?

Materials must be submitted via an email to dvunit@temple.edu. Emails must include a complete copy of the draft materials you wish to publish or issue, together with supporting documentation for all data.

What is the timeline for DVU review?

Materials must be submitted to DVU three weeks before the date the materials must be published. In extraordinary circumstances, the chief compliance officer may allow for shorter advanced submission, if feasible. 

Where can I find more information?

Read answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, if you would benefit from learning more about the DVU or data integrity, we encourage you to enroll in the DVU Basics in 10 training. To enroll in the training, please email dvunit@temple.edu.


If you have questions, contact the DVU at 215-204-5248 or email dvunit@temple.edu