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W-Course Guidelines and Review Process

The w-course program at Temple is shaped by a set of seven guidelines which define the key features of all writing-intensive courses. These guidelines were drafted by the Writing Intensive Course Committee, in consultation with an extensive list of stakeholders, including faculty from across the disciplines, deans, department chairs, the Faculty Senate, college-based curriculum committees, and students. In 2006, the guidelines were reviewed and approved by the Educational Programs and Policies Committee (EPPC) of the Faculty Senate.

Before a course may carry the writing-intensive designation, it must be “proposed” to the WICC. The purpose of the proposal is to demonstrate how the course will meet each of the seven w-course guidelines. After the initial proposal review, all w-courses are then re-evaluated every four years, to ensure that they continue to meet the w-course guidelines. You’ll find descriptions of how to propose a new w-course, and how to prepare for a follow-up “second-round” review, in the links to the left.

Our w-course program is intended to reflect the broad diversity of writing practices in the academic disciplines and in the professions. As such, there is no single “correct” way for a w-course to look, and there are many ways that each of the seven guidelines can be met. If you are working on a w-course proposal, or a second-round review, and you want help thinking through the possibilities, we can help.