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The W-Course Requirement

Undergraduate students must complete at least two writing-intensive courses for a total of at least six credits. The writing-intensive course credits are counted as part of the major; they are not GenEd or elective credits.


A list of the specific courses that are required for particular majors can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin. From the homepage, navigate through the links to find your college, department and major. Under the "programs" tab, you'll find a complete list of the courses you can take to satisfy the w-course requirement in your major. Note that the writing-intensive courses must be completed at Temple; students may not transfer in credits to satisfy this requirement.


Very occasionally, students will find that they are unable to take the specific w-courses that are required for their major. In such cases, students may request alternative arrangements. Please note, however, that not all such requests are approved. Alternative arrangements must be decided in advance, and they must be approved by the student's advisor and department, and by the Writing Center Director. If you believe that you will need an alternative arrangement, the first step is to contact your advisor.