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Proposing a New W-Course

If you wish to propose a new writing-intensive course, you will need to provide the Writing-Intensive Course Committee with documents that demonstrate how your course will meet each of the seven guidelines for w-courses. The documents you will need to provide are as follows:

• A completed W-Course Proposal Form
• A model syllabus (with a day-by-day or week-by-week course calendar)
• A complete set of assignment instructions/descriptions for each of the major writing assignments in the model syllabus.


Note: one of the most common snags in getting proposals approved is inconsistency among these documents. Once you have assembled the documents, check the labels (if an assignment is called “Project Report #1” on the proposal form, make sure it is also called “Project Report #1” on the syllabus and assignment sheets); percentages (if the proposal form states that Assignment X counts as 30% of the final grade, the syllabus should say the same thing); and dates (if the proposal form states that Assignment X will be submitted in draft form, given feedback, and then revised, check to ensure that each of those steps is reflected in the course calendar.)


These documents (preferably combined into one pdf file) should be submitted to the Writing-Intensive Course Committee, in care of Lori Salem. The Committee will review the proposal, and you will receive either approval or recommendations for changes. Most reviews are completed within one month, but the timeline can be either longer or shorter depending on the Committee’s workload. (If you have special concerns about timing, we will try to work with your department’s needs. In those cases, it’s best to make those known as soon as possible.)