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Individual Consultations


Teaching Consultations:

Faculty are invited to come to the Writing Center to consult with us about teaching writing-intensive courses. Some common topics for consultations are

  • how to design and structure assignments
  • how to give feedback to students on their writing
  • how to evaluate student writing
  • how to respond to suspected plagiarism
  • how to work with English language learners
  • how, whether and when to use peer review
  • how to manage group writing assignments
  • how to persuade students to proofread

If you want to talk about these issues, or any other aspect of your course, please contact us. You can make an appointment in advance, or just stop by the Writing Center.


Proposal/Curriculum Consultations:

If you are working on a proposal for a w-course, we can consult with you about what the guidelines require and how your course could meet them. We can also answer questions about the proposal process. Consultations can be face-to-face or via email.


Syllabus Reviews:

If you have questions about whether your w-course syllabus meets the guidelines, we can offer you a fast an confidential review. No appointment is needed for this. Just email a copy of your syllabus to us, and we'll send back a response.

Contact Information:

For all consultations, contact Lori Salem by email or by phone (215-204-0709), or stop by the Writing Center in 201 Tuttleman.

Please note: If you are not teaching at Temple's main campus, consultation services are available via phone, email, and/or skype. If you are teaching on one of Temple's campuses abroad, we will be happy to arrange meetings during your business hours.