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The Writing Center's Mission Statement

The Writing Center's mission is to empower Temple students to effectively and eloquently communicate through the written word. We provide individualized support for both graduate and undergraduate students. Writers at all levels of experience benefit from talking about their work with a supportive reader. Writers at any stage in the writing process—from brainstorming ideas to the final stages of revision—are welcome to bring assigned writing (like essays, research papers, or presentations), writing for professional purposes (resumes, application essays, or cover letters), and self-sponsored or personal writing to the Writing Center. Our tutors are talented writers from across the disciplines who will offer a friendly and supportive, but careful and critical response to your writing-in-progress. Writing Center tutors respect writers’ rights to make choices about their own writing and believe Temple students are academically motivated; therefore our tutors expect writers to come to the center ready to actively engage in discussions of their writing, and will not take over or appropriate any writers’ work. Because developing strong writing practices is a life-long learning experience, we encourage writers to visit the center early and often throughout their writing process.