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Writing Retreats

The Writing Center hosts a series of Writing Retreats for faculty and graduate students each semester. We offer retreats in different formats, and with different levels of support, so that participants can choose what works best for their situations.

Weekend Writing Retreats offer two full days of uninterrupted writing time on Saturday and Sunday. They are designed to give participants an opportunity to stay on schedule with their writing, even in the middle of the semester. ($50 program fee)

Evening Writing Retreats offer five days of writing in the evenings. Evening Retreats are open to all, but they are offered especially for writers who work during the day and cannot participate in our longer, daytime retreats. ($80 program fee)

One-week Writing Retreats offer five workdays of uninterrupted writing time. We provide a dedicated space, lunch on three days, and we minimize distractions, so participants can focus on making progress on their writing. ($80 program fee)

Two-week Writing Retreats offer 10 days of writing over a two-week period. This retreat is our most intensive. In addition to offering extra hours, we also offer extra support in the form of faculty mentors who help participants set goals, and who provide feedback on drafts. The Two-week Writing Retreats are designed to help participants make substantial progress towards completing their writing projects. They are open to everyone, but they were designed particularly to help writers who are stalled, isolated, off-track, or working towards project completion. Lunch is provided on six of the ten days. REGISTRATION MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE APRIL 1ST TO BE PAIRED WITH A FACULTY MENTOR. ($125 program fee)

During each retreat we provide a varying number of meals (see descriptions above), snacks, a variety of drinks, computers, writing space, and dedicated time to write. During our two-week retreats we also provide access to faculty mentors to help individuals set writing goals and offer writing feedback.

Upcoming Writing Retreats:

January 8-12, 2018 (Monday-Friday 9a-4p)

February 10-11, 2018 (Saturday 9a-4p | Sunday 12-7p)

March 5-9, 2018 (Monday-Friday 9a-4p)

April 14-15, 2018 (Saturday 9a-4p | Sunday 12-7p)

May 14-24, 2018 (Monday-Saturday 9a-4p)

To register for an upcoming Writing Retreat, please complete the registration form.

If you have questions about any of the Writing Retreats, please contact Lorraine Savage at

Non-Temple Students and Faculty can attend our Retreats. The fee scale for
non-Temple faculty and graduate students is as follows:
Weekend Retreats: $80 program fee
Evening Retreats: $100 program fee
One-week Retreats: $150 program fee
Two-week Retreats: $240 program fee