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Read Ahead Tutoring

The Writing Center offers read-ahead tutoring for advanced students who are writing papers between 15 and 20 pages. In this type of session, a tutor receives your paper before your scheduled appointment and spends approximately one hour reading and crafting feedback. This service is intended for writers working on seminar papers, master's theses, dissertations, or other long, complex essays. If you are writing a document that is longer than 20 pages total, we can work with you to design a series of read-ahead sessions to accommodate your needs.

Turning in your draft before your appointment will allow the tutor to read carefully, so that the tutoring session can be focused and thoughtful. Read-ahead tutoring sessions are designed to support students who are making substantial revisions to argument, focus, organization, and prose style. Because our tutors are not editors, read-ahead sessions are not appropriate for students who are seeking assistance with grammar or proofreading. If you are interested in working with the tutor to learn how to identify, correct, and avoid error in a longer paper, you can bring a shorter segment of your paper in for a regular tutoring session. If you are looking for someone to proofread or edit your work for you, check out our editing services.

Students must have at least 15 pages of text in hand to make an appointment and should submit requests at least one week in advance of your preferred appointment time.

To schedule an appointment, please complete our Read Ahead Request form.