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(new procedures as of 5/9/16)

The Writing Center provides virtual tutoring through our e-tutoring service. E-tutoring sessions can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance using the Writing Center’s appointment scheduler. Submissions will receive electronic feedback by the end of the scheduled session time.

Weekly session limits are as follows: 1 appointment, 1 e-tutoring session, 1 walk-in; OR 1 appointment and 2 walk-ins; OR 1 e-tutoring session and 2 walk-ins.

To schedule an e-tutoring session:

  1. Login to the Writing Center's appointment scheduling system.
  2. Choose the day and time that you’d like to have your session reviewed.
  3. Select a tutor that is listed as “face-to-face or e-tutoring”.
  4. Complete the appointment form. For the “Meet Online” question, be sure to choose “Yes , schedule e-tutoring session”.
  5. Save your appointment.
  6. On the confirmation screen, you will see an option to upload your paper. You can upload your paper immediately or closer to your appointment time.
  7. If your paper is not posted at the start of your appointment, your session will be canceled and you will be limited to a walk-in session for that day.
  8. Your tutor will read your draft and send electronic feedback at the end of your scheduled session time. You will receive an email notification when your feedback has been posted.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that tutors will spend 45-50 minutes reading your paper. In face-to-face sessions, tutors are typically able to get through roughly 5-7 pages in that amount of time. If your draft is much longer than this, please consider using our Read Ahead service.

GROUP PAPERS: This service cannot be used for drafts that have more than one writer. If you are working on a group paper, you must schedule a face-to-face appointment.