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Grammar, Vocabulary, and Citation Workshops

We offer workshops during the semester to address important issues related to writing for international students, as well as grammar, citation, and other topics. Please note that workshops are open to international and IELP students only unless otherwise specified.  All workshops will be held in room 201D in the Writing Center. Students interested in participating in the workshops listed below should complete the Workshop Registration form.

If you’re a faculty or staff member and you’d like to schedule a workshop for English language learners in a particular group or class, please complete the In-Class Workshop Request form. If you have questions about in-class workshops, please contact Elisabeth Ursell at


Please note that all dates and times are subject to change. For the most up to date schedule, please click on the registration form above.

June Workshops

IELTS Workshop: Speaking and Listening Practice

Friday, June 13th, 1-3PM

Increase your listening comprehension through videos and review fast but effective note-taking skills. Practice common cue card and interview questions and get feedback on your responses.


IELTS Workshop Part II:  Writing Practice*

Friday, June 20th, 2:30-4:30PM

Increase your writing skills by practicing short answer questions, picture prompts, and opinion essays. We will also learn how to understand different types of writing prompts and look at some writing samples.

*Due to limited space, please note that we can only accommodate a maximum of 10 participants in the writing portion of the workshop.