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Employment Opportunities at the Writing Center

Writing Center employs undergraduate and doctoral students from all disciplines to work as tutors, conversation partners, and office assistants.

Our tutors provide various services, including face-to-face tutoring, e-mail tutoring, and Writing Fellows tutoring; for a full description of our tutoring services, as well as answers to frequently-asked questions, please read our Tutoring Position FAQ.

Typically, we accept applications from students two times per year. (Please note that there may not always be openings for applicants applying during the Fall and Spring semesters.)

Current openings: Graduate Writing TAs

For undergraduate students wishing to apply for a tutoring positions, please refer to our Undergraduate Employment Opportunities for more information.

Doctoral students who are interested in tutoring positions, should refer to our Graduate Employment Opportunities for additional information.

Undergraduate students who would like to learn more about our office assistant positions, please refer to our Office Assistant Employment Opportunities.

For graduate students or undergraduate students who would like to learn more about our conversation partners positions, please refer to our Conversation Partners Employment Opportunities.