Proposing a W-Course

Courses at Temple are officially designated writing-intensive when a proposal is submitted to the Writing-Intensive Course Committee (WICC) and their review determines that the course meets the seven guidelines for writing-intensive courses. Courses that already have the official writing-intensive designation must also be "re-proposed" periodically to ensure that they stay in compliance guidelines.

The process for proposing new w-courses and re-proposing existing w-courses starts the same way. The faculty member or department wishing to re/propose a course collects the following materials:

These materials are then submitted to the WICC, care of Lori Salem. (We prefer to receive materials in electronic form, but hardcopies are also acceptable and can be sent to the address below.)

Once the proposal is received, it is reviewed by the WICC. If the course is not approved on the first round, the Committee's response includes detailed feedback explaining why, and indicating how the proposal could be modified to win approval. Typically, the committee requests additional materials or clarifications. Once these are submitted, the proposal is reviewed again. Most proposals are approved on the first or second round.

If the proposal is for an existing writing-intensive course (ie. if it is a "re-proposal"), the process stops here. The course is considered approved, and the approval is good for four years from the time of the decision.

If the proposal is for a new writing-intensive course, additional steps are required. In addition to WICC approval, new courses must be approved by the curriculum committee of college in which they will be taught. (WICC approval and college-level approval can be sought simultaneously.) After the WICC and the college have approved a new course, it must be reviewed by the Office of the Provost. Finally, paperwork must be submitted to have the course added to the active course inventory. Faculty who are planning to propose new writing-intensive courses should consult with their Dean's office about the course review processes involved (and support available) in their college.

See here for important information about the timelines for creating new writing-intensive courses.

If you have any questions about the re/approval process for writing-intensive courses, please contact Lori Salem.