Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows program is designed to offer extra writing support to classes that require substantial amounts of writing. By pairing students to Writing Fellow tutors, this program creates relationships to help students improve their writing processes and style. Tutors with a strong understanding of the writing process and how to constructively critique student writing are able to help students better understand writing assignments, brainstorm ideas, and revise drafts to help students successfully present their thoughts.

Writing Fellows typically meet with students individually to help them revise two papers, but they can also provide other forms of writing support to your students. If you incorporate peer response into your course, Writing Fellows can help prepare students for and help facilitate in-class peer response. A Writing Fellow might also prepare and present a lesson for your class on a particular writing-related topic. Each Writing Fellow placement can be individualized to best suit your needs, the Fellow's interests, and the needs of the class.

If you would like to learn more about the Fellows Program, please read the Writing Fellows Handbook for Faculty. If you have specific questions the handbook does not answer, or would like to discuss more fully how Fellows could work for your course, please contact Assistant Director Jennifer Follett at jennifer.follett@temple.edu or 215-204-0703.

If you would like to request a Writing Fellow, please fill out the Writing Fellows Request Form and submit it, either as an email attachment or via campus mail to Jennifer Follett,
201 Tuttleman Learning Center.