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Google Web Search @ Temple

Overview | Instructions for Web Administrators | Advanced Search Options | FAQs


Advanced Search Options

Please note that you need to be an experienced web developer to use these advanced options. The form can send one or more input parameters as follows:

Name Required Type Allowed values Description
searchString Yes text Any string Field where the user will type the string to query
searchEngines No hidden google
A comma separated list of engines to include in the results. As of today, the available engines are kb((knowledge base) and Google . The order that each engine occupies on this list will determine the order in which the results will appear.
searchFolder No hidden Any URL segment If a value is included, the results will only come from certain sites or folders within any Temple sites indexed by the Google site search. For example if this parameter is temple.edu/bursar, only results from www.temple.edu/bursar/ will be displayed. This parameter only affects the filtering of Google results. You can include multiple urls seperated by a comma. e.g. www.temple.edu/bursar,sfs.temple.edu
searchCount No hidden An integer between 1 and 20 This parameter determines the number of results to display from each search engine on each page. A value bigger than 20 is ignored. The default is 10 results.
mobile No hidden the word yes If this parameter is included, the results web page will be customized with special headers to make it mobile friendly.
asXML No hidden the word yes If this parameter is included, the results will be returned as an XML document.

The following is an example of a search box using a different engine order, restricting the Google results to folder cs, mobile view
and only displaying 3 results per engine.

<!-- START Google Site Search box -->

<form name="templesearch" method='get' action='http://search.temple.edu/search.php'>
<label for="searchString" style="position:absolute;left:-1000px;top:auto;width:1px;height:1px;overflow:hidden;">
<input type='text' value='Search' id="search" name='searchString' title="Type text to search" size="25" />
<input type='hidden' value='kb,google' name='searchEngines'/>
<input type='hidden' value='www.temple.edu/cs' name='searchFolder'/>
<input type='hidden' value='3' name='searchCount'/>
<input type='hidden' value='yes' name='mobile'/>
<input type='submit' value='Search'/>

<!-- END Google Site Search box -->

(test the code above)


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