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Web Support & Resources

Temple University provides Web systems and services to Schools, Colleges, Units and authorized organizations for University related information and education. Temple University's central Web server www.temple.edu (www) hosts Web sites on behalf of more than 500 departments and organizations of the University. A Temple University Web Consortium meets regularly to provide guidance and assistance to the Temple University Web Community by crafting fair and usable policies in accordance with Temple initiatives and mission.

1. The Web Structure at Temple University
Schools, Colleges, Units and authorized Organizations own root level Web sites on www.temple.edu. Departmental and other Web sites must be contained under the appropriate School, College, Unit root level  Web site. This format preserves and reinforces the Temple University brand identity, which is well established across the World Wide Web. It also encourages good content management, usability and accessibility practices. Departments and organizations should request Web sites from the root level School, College or Unit to which they are affiliated. To request services please visit the Web site Account Request Form.

If approved by the President of the student organization, student organizations may have a Web site under the root Web site: www.temple.edu/students provided the organization is registered and is in good standing with the Temple University Student Activities Office. In addition to the organization president or University official authorization, student organization Web sites must obtain the authorization of Gina D'Annunzio, Director, Student Affairs, gina.dannunzio@temple.edu. All requests must be submitted via the Temple University Web site Account Request Form. Requests are subject to approval by the associated umbrella Unit.

2. Accounts on www.temple.edu
Temple University's Web complex supports two important functions, Web development and Web content management. You may request one or both functions for your Web site via the Web site Account Request Form .

A true web development environment is available for Web developers where Web site modifications can be staged on a development server and made live using easy to use Web tools. A Content Management System is also available for non-technical content contributors who need to keep their Web sites and publications up to date.

A. Web Development Account
These accounts are for those who wish to create, develop and maintain their Web site. This includes Web developers and Web designers who use programs such Adobe Dreamweaver and know how to use File Transfer Protocol applications. These types of Web sites are usually limited to three Web masters who make all edits and changes.

B. Web Content Management Account
These accounts are for those who wish to maintain the content in a Web site without the technical knowledge of a Web development program such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Client side software is available at low educational pricing from Computer Business services that allows content contributors to access and edit Web pages simply and easily. Computer Services offers set up and training and a Web site created with special templates is required. Every Temple Web site has a default web page and template to make more pages using Content Management software. Content contributors can easily edit department name, links and content on these pages. This type of Web site is suited for large departments that require multiple people to edit content.

Once the account is created, each designated Web administrator will receive an e-mail confirmation message containing information needed for administering the account. This includes instructions for publishing the site to the www.temple.edu server, obtaining traffic statistics, and broken link reports.

3. Web Design Services
Web design services are available  from the Office of Creative Services. For more information, please visit http://www.temple.edu/webcommunications/

4. Training
Training for the Web complex and Web accounts is available in the Computer Services seminar program. To sign up for a class go to http://seminars.temple.edu.


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