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SSH Secure Shell

This software will let you transfer files from your local computer on to Temple's Development Web Server or vice versa. To download this software visit Help Desk's Download Site.

Before making a connection make sure you are a authorized webmaster to the website. To become a webmaster visit http://www.temple.edu/webform

To begin using the program, first install the software and establish an internet connection. Then double-click on the SSH Secure Shell Client icon. This will launch the SSH Secure Shell software.


Click on Edit/Settings

Step 2

All the way down, under File Transfer sub section click on Mode.

Step 3

Change the File transfer mode to Binary and then under ASCII extensions remove all the file extensions by selecting the extension and clicking on the red X on the right.

Step 4

Click on ok

To connect to the web server, go to the File menu and select Quick Connect.

quick connect

You will then be prompted for a Host Name, which essentially is the address of the server to which you are trying to connect. In this case it will be develop.temple.edu. You will also be prompted for your user name for your account on the server. Use the default values for Port Number and Authentication Method. Fill in the appropriate information and click on the "Connect" button.

coonection info

You will then be prompted for your password. Enter your password and click OK.


Note: The very first time you connect to a particular server, you will be prompted to save the encryption keys onto your computer. These keys make your connection to the server secure. If you are using a personal computer, click on Yes. If you click on Yes, you will not be prompted with this screen in the future.

host identification

If you've followed the instructions correctly, a connection to the server will then be established. Once you are connected click on the New File Transfer Window. Users do not have Shell access to the Develop server, which is indiciated by Error 05849.

Main Screen

The left side is your local machine and the right side is the server. Locate your website folder on the server and double click on the folder to open it. Once open, you are ready to transfer files from your local machine to the server by simply using drag and drop.

File Transfer window

This process will transfer all files from your local machine to Temple's Development Web server. After completing this process use the File transfer Utility to make your site live.


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