Undergraduate Research and Creativity

2019 Symposium Poster Session
2019 Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity Poster Session

  • The creation and communication of new knowledge by an undergraduate student in collaboration with a faculty mentor.
  • Undergraduate research is not limited to STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). At Temple, students across all 12 undergraduate schools and colleges are engaged in the scholarly pursuit of knowledge and are working to communicate it to others.
  • Sample Projects

Tanya Dhingra, 2018 Diamond Research Scholar

Tanya Dhingra, 2018 Research scholar in India
Tanya Dhingra, fourth from right, traveled to India through the Diamond Research Scholar Program to study perceptions of menstrual health and hygiene.

Through Diamond Research Scholarship, public health student returns to India to study perceptions on menstrual hygiene »

Whether you pursue a research-related career or not, undergraduate research offers many benefits. In fact, recent research found that engaging in a sustained academic project and developing a deep connection with a mentor were two of the main predictors of fulfillment among college graduates (Gallup-Purdue Index Report, 2015).

Other benefits:

  • Deepen your understanding of material you study in classes
  • Clarify your interests and career goals, including maybe discovering that research is not for you!
  • Prepare for graduate school or post-graduate opportunities
  • Build a meaningful connection with a mentor
  • Boost competitiveness for funding
  • Take the first step toward a national scholarship opportunity
  • Develop analytical, creative, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills that will serve you well in any profession
  • Bring a fresh, new perspective to a research team
  • Make a real contribution to knowledge that could benefit society
  • Undergraduates start at different stages in their college careers. We recommend waiting to make a commitment to a faculty member until after you feel comfortable with coursework at Temple and with the pace of college life.
  • Identify your interests: What excites you? What do you want to learn more about? Are there particular classes or professors who light you up?
  • Talk to people!
    • Faculty: Go to office hours. Ask your professors about their research. Ask how their research interests evolved. Ask if there are other courses they would recommend for you to gain more experience in a particular area. Read about their work online beforehand so you are better prepared with questions and topics to discuss. More useful tips on preparing to meet with faculty.
    • Kerry Milch, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Enrichment. Kerry is happy to help you brainstorm ideas, discuss elements of the undergraduate research experience, and provide general guidance for getting started. Email her with questions or to set up an appointment.
    • Undergraduate Research Peer Mentors
  • Volunteer: In some cases you may be able to jump into a paid position or do research for credit. But many times you will have to begin as a volunteer and build trust by establishing yourself as a reliable, hard-working team player.

Creative Arts, Research, And Scholarship (CARAS) Program

A funding opportunity to encourage and support undergraduate students engaged in scholarly, creative, and research projects that contribute to advancing their field of study. Two types of grants are made through the CARAS program: Research/Creative Project Grants and Travel Grants. More Information

Diamond Research Scholars Program

The Diamond Research Scholars Program offers a seven-month long funded research experience under the direction of a faculty mentor. Participants receive a summer stipend and register for a research or independent study course in the fall for their research or creative arts project. More Information

Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity

The Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity (formerly TURF - CreWS), held annually in the spring, provides undergraduates the opportunity to present their research and creative work to the university community. More Information

At Temple:

Beyond Temple:

  • CUR Posters on the Hill
  • CARAS travel grants (funding for travel to present at a conference)
  • Many professional membership organizations (American Geophysical Union, Association for Psychological Science, etc.) hold annual meetings that include opportunities to present papers and posters. Talk with your faculty mentor to learn more.

October 15: Deadline to submit a CARAS project application for winter/spring projects

This is just a small fraction of the many, diverse opportunities out there.

  • Council on Undergraduate Research: Temple has an enhanced institutional membership, so all students, faculty, and staff may join for free. Learn about funding opportunities, research positions, tips, and more.
  • Pathways to Science: Database of summer research experiences for undergraduates (REUs), scholarships, institutes, and more.

Contact Us

  • Questions about where to start? Interested in brainstorming ideas, discussing interests, or approaching faculty? Make an appointment with Kerry Milch, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Enrichment.
  • Farther along in your research career? Thinking of applying for competitive post-graduate fellowships or scholarships? Make an appointment with Barbara Gorka, Director of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising, through Handshake.
  • Are you a faculty member or administrator with questions about undergraduate research at Temple? Contact Emily Moerer, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrichment.