Several initiatives at Temple are designed to increase student retention and four-year graduation.

Fly in 4

Fly in 4 is an innovative partnership that guarantees students can complete their degree on time or Temple will pay for remaining classwork. Learn more about Fly in 4.

Critical Paths

Designed to improve time to degree completion, critical paths is a review process that requires each school/college to examine how students move through their majors.

  • An action plan is developed that specifies milestones students must reach to obtain a baccalaureate degree in eight semesters.
  • Specialized reports and one page curriculum flowcharts are developed for each school/college. Flowcharts visualize how students move through course sequences and identify possible challenges with pre-requisites' structures, timing for critical courses, course availability and scheduling.

Risk Model

Temple's Empirical Risk Model identifies students who are at the highest risk of dropping out from the university in their first year. School/college advisors meet with these students and provide specific help to address their at-risk status.