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Statement on the Use of Faculty-Authored Textbooks

Faculty members, like other authors, deserve to receive royalties for their intellectual property. However, consistent with the University’s Policy on Conflict of Interest (No. 4.16.02) and in the interest of our students, faculty members who assign books and other educational materials which they have written, edited, or published and from which they receive royalties or other remuneration may not profit financially either directly or indirectly from the purchase of these materials by students enrolled in their classes. The faculty member must either refund the money or make other arrangements to avoid profiting from the students' use of the materials. Faculty may, for example, transfer the remuneration to the University or one of its units (e.g., for a student scholarship fund).

Statement on Teaching at another Institution while on Full-Time Faculty Status

No full-time faculty member may engage in part-time or full-time teaching at another educational institution during the semester(s) that s/he is employed by the University unless s/he has obtained prior, written approval of the Dean. In addition, any faculty member who maintains a tenured position with another educational institution will be deemed to have resigned his/her position with Temple University.

Faculty Pay Schedule

Please note that your July and August payments are paid to you in anticipation of your return to service in September (the Fall semester). Accordingly, faculty who received payments in July and August payrolls but who leave Temple University for any reason prior to the beginning of the Fall semester must reimburse the University for the July and August payments.

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